this is beautiful, inspiring and true.

the changing of the seasons

Well last week I finished school.  My Red Deer College Visual Arts Diploma is complete!  What an absolute amazing 2 years.  So here I am, with a week before I start work.  I have been spending the days outside: running, sitting on the deck, and prepping painting boards. Sigh.. it's quite the life.  So with this new season happening, I thought I would share some spring-like images from the past few weeks!  
Yes, yes! Spring Flowers! 
I'm sure my inspiration will flourish to draw more, for next week I begin work at a floral greenhouse! 
You can look for this great piece, a Pencil Drawing and Hand
Painted Frame, in Calgary at the Elizabeth House Fundraiser!

I know, the cuteness is hard to resist.
I have begun the Owl Series.
It's pure fun.


Come check it out!
I will be a vendor at this great event,
Come out, support Me and support the Elizabeth House!