Change of Pace

Well, this Fall I am at Alberta College of Art and Design.  Its been.. an adventure?  They all warn you about the changes and transitions... but you truly don't understand it til you are thrown into the battlefield.  New classes, teachers, atmosphere...!    I've been having to deal with a very small closet.. I mean studio space, and am still attempting to get comfortable, but I admit to feelings enclosed by my space.  Also, overall the work load is overwhelming, and it seems that my Liberal Studies take priority over Studio.  Nevertheless, here are some of my earliest pieces in the Painting (warm ups i'd like to call them) from this semester.  Currently, I developing a body of work that is fueled by my own feelings, experiences and musing as of lately.  So I will continue progress, and face my challenges with as much courage as I can conger up!

I leave you with more music, because it's what fuels me... enjoy!

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I am out another camera, when the situation is looked after, I ensure you, there will be more artwork pictures up !! 


I am exactly where I need to be. there is no other place than right here.
this place is unknown, new, frightening and exciting.
but I am here. I will embrace it.
I am becoming my own.
Courage ripples through me.