time to rest, to dream

undeniably beautiful.
this melody washes completely over me.
just what i needed to hear.
time to jump in bed - become refreshed for the new week ahead.
time to rest, to dream.

remember | absence makes the heart grow fonder


where i create

Moi, in le Studio.

It is the constant in my life right now, 
the thing that keeps me balanced, 
busy & happy

just playing around on mayfair


Frankenthaler in the Studio
This semester has become exactly what I was hoping for.  Being in the studio 
6 days a week for hours and hours. 
I'm creating a huge mess, painting, drawing, carving, printing, collaging, researching, listening to music, brainstorming, day dreaming, meeting new people, interacting with other artists, getting inspired.. all in a day. 
It is a busy life. Time to make the best of it.

Looking forward to posting new works! 

I leave you with my current love. I could watch her dance all day.
This is art.


in Calgary? stop by!

You Paint What? A Third Year Painting Show 
January 16-20 2012 

You Paint What? is an exhibition of the variety of works being made by the Third Year Painting Majors at the
Alberta College of Art + Design.

Come and check out all the Crazy and Spectacular things we have been up too!

Opening Reception January 19th in the Main Mall ACAD @ 5pm!


i've got the joy down in my heart

I am so full of joy! Real, great, overwhelming joy! Life is wonderful! And sometimes it is best to push aside the bad and emphasize the good, because that is how we learn to LOVE life. And I will enjoy it right now for all it's worth. Everything has fallen into place, and I feel like I am right where I need to be. It is a comforting, exciting feeling. It is easy to complain about our problems, mistakes and miseries.. but that only casts negative energy on others. So tonight, I pass along joy, happiness and excitement, in hopes that you will be encouraged to smile and take a big refreshing breath of life in ! 


today, I was given proof that when you raise your voice, speak your mind and stand up for the bettering of yourself, change occurs. 


back into the swing of things.

patience is a virtue
but that doesn't make it any easier. 
excited for the potential
 of things to come.
my heart is fluttering.
time to get inspired.
lots of work to come.
a new studio.
a fresh perspective.
time to get back to myself.

when you stop chasing the wrong things... you give the right things
 a chance to catch up to you

art is music.
music is art.
i love when the 2 are so perfectly fused.
this is what i call magic.


happy new year

a new year, a new start and new intentions.

if i were to base how i felt while entering into the new year to how the new year would go.. it would be a mixture of pure joy, a big smile, surrounded with great friends, blurred vision and my face in the sink. yes, classy. and once again a reminder to eat a bigger meal before going into full celebration mode. so i will select the 'pure joy' for my attitude in entering this new year. as usual, i am in hopes the new year is even better, healthier and happier ! the past year was an interesting one... some of the biggest changes of my life occurred: being courageous, making big decisions, moving to the city, starting a new school, facing new challenges, becoming more independent...  but it has also been full of some of the greatest times spent with friends. overall, a very memorable year.

with that, my holidays have come to an end.. and what a wonderful couple weeks at home. i got to see all my family, eat delicious meals and enjoy their company. i was surrounded by lovely christmas decorations and a golden tree.  i got to be a child again and play, fight and annoy my sister and brother to death. i worked a lot.. which was much needed. the couple days i did have off, i slept in past noon and felt like a champion. i spent many evenings catching up with friends, many who are still in town, or who ones came back from college - it was refreshing to catch up. i spent my weekends with more friends, whether it was going out, staying in, accomplishing the pub crawl, or celebrating the season and new year.. there were so many good memories made! i also managed to spend a couple painful days melted to my couch.  and at the end of it all.. it was a good holiday. i was quite pleased to spend time with all the wonderful people in my life. so with a good ending to 2011, i remind myself to continue the good feeling into 2012.

im back in the city, and the shock of the holidays being over has hit me. tonight i have had a lazy night.. and tomorrow the hustle and bustle of my life begins again.. classes, homework, studio time, research! acad and calgary treat me well this semester! for the new year my goals are to keep biking, draw more, keep writing everyday and eat healthier (i love you farmers market). Cheers to beginning 2012!